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Wednesday, September 14th, 2005

Subject:Ya Sas!
Time:6:05 pm.
Sittin' in an internet cafe in Greece, because the school hasn't figured out its ethernet yet. Greece rocks! Gotta go.
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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005

Time:9:23 pm.
Well, I'm signing online to download my two papers that I have yet to finish, so I thought I'd update real quick-a-like.

Things have been ok lately. It's getting closer to Greece, and yet still I find it hard to believe I'm going for real. I mean, kind of hard to believe. It still totally r0x0rs. The distance from Katie is maddening, but like she said - it's like having your wisdom teeth out: it really sucks for a while, but then you feel so much better afterward.

Ummm.... I'm not sure of what else to say... ah yes, the computer. I went and purchased a cooling pad for my laptop, in the hopes that it would be able to keep the VAIO operational for a few months or however long I end up going before buying a real computer. Thus far, it's actually functional. With this, I am pleased, but it gets really really hot when I play StarCraft - I've only played it in front of the gigundo air conditioner thus far, and it stays cool there - it would be fantastique if it stayed cool enough with just the Targus.

Hedda is going to State College tomorrow to have lunch with her yearbook rep. Kinda weird, if you ask me, but no one did.

Anyways I'd best be off to paperage. To hell with Andy Milonakis!
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Thursday, August 4th, 2005

Time:6:09 pm.
Just a quick update before I get totally crackin' on my second paper in as many days.

There are lots of things that I hate (or in more appropriate parlance, replace "I hate" with "could be seen as my pet peeves"). People complaining about their pain to someone who has endured a similar, yet much worse pain not a week prior is one of those things. People that make up stupid excuses for shafting everybody else simply because they will not be around to partake in the fun is another. People taking my computer at the library is a biggie. Also, all the behind-the-back people-bashing that's going on here. Some, I admit, is most likely healthy, so long as it doesn't spin out of control. Everybody needs to vent about ... well, everybody. I even readily admit that I have been known to revel in said verbal violence from time to time. I suppose it's just a weird feeling when you walk into dinner to sit down with your coworkers and everyone just goes silent for a moment. Dr Becky was right - there's way too much bullshit, and honestly, we don't have the time for it.

Speaking of Dr Becky, the tea party that I may or may not have mentioned was going to occur occured on Tuesday. Apparently, Jake, Katie and I bear the honor of being the first students to ever be welcomed/invited into her humble abode, as they say. We drank tea and had this crazy lavish tea meal thing, and then relaxed and talked in her living room. It was a very good time, and we hope to repeat it before we go to Greece.

Jake is changing majors to English. Finally. I dunno why he didn't just admit it before - who ever heard of a Democrat Accountant?

Evan, we believe, is coming up this weekend, as opposed to last weekend. Same things I said before applies, though - let's keep the vomit to a dull roar.

Katie T. is still beautimous and best of all mine. Her newfound favorite show is that "Date My Mom" thing on MTV, which I begrudge is so bad that it's enjoyable sometimes. Her teeth, I am told, are feeling better now, though there's some kind of gum flap thing hanging out (she says). I'm glad there's less pain. Seeing her break into tears randomly was utter suckage.

So that's that for now. Off to do this paper for Dr Turner... and then sometime tonight or tomorrow I have to do my project for Sprenglemeyer. Yeesh.

You should go buy the Kikujiro soundtrack. Or better yet, the movie. W00t! for that.
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Thursday, July 21st, 2005

Time:2:18 pm.
We're heading out to Katie's house again today, so that Katie can get her wisdom teeth removed. Yeah, talk about sucky. I feel really bad for her, so I wanna try to go in with her to help her with the whole needle thing and all. Yikes. Though I try not to act concerned about it.

Evan will be up next weekend, which hopefully will not result in a repeat puke-fest (plus the overflowing toilet). Should be a good time, otherwise.

Yeah this Faith at War is kinda dull now - it's him tooling around Iraq, which really, is kind of stupid, because he seems to be unable to interview people there. Bleh. Hope it picks up.

Uhhh... 9 days till the sweet sixteenth of Katie and me! Though I think I may celebrate a little early.

This conference staff thing is almost over, too... ain't it funny how time slips away? After it ends, only ... what, a month until Greece? W00T!

Additionally, my uncle is ridiculously annoying. I can tell he's avoiding me - he never answers his phone when I call, nor does he return my messages. Ass. I have stuff we need to discuss.
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Wednesday, July 20th, 2005

Time:1:26 pm.
So I've been reading this book called Collapse, by Jared Diamond, in part because they didn't have the book I really wanted at Barnes and Noble in Moorestown. It's good, but not what I was expecting and therefore somehow lacking. I'll still finish it, though. However, last night Katie and I went to Barnes and Noble in Wilkes-Barre and lo and behold, they in fact had a copy of the book I'd been searching for since I read about it in the New York Times - Faith at War; a Journey on the Frontlines of Islam, from Baghdad to Timbuktu, by Yaroslav Trofimov. It's an excellent read; I'm 100 pages (of 300) in, and ... wow. I'm really not sure how I feel about Islam anymore. Actually, that's a lie, this book is making me really despise it. Understanding that it's not the religion, it's some people... I still can't seem to completely separate the two, because they are so interwoven. Additionally, there was an interesting little editorial in I think the Citizen's Voice the other day... pick it up sometime. Perhaps this is too controvertial, but whatever.

Also, 10 days until the sweet 16 shindig, and only 51 until Greece!
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Tuesday, July 19th, 2005

Subject:Updating again...
Time:2:55 pm.
Dunno why. Just am.
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Time:2:31 pm.
Mood:gettin' stressed.
So I should be writing my Fellowship Paper, but instead I'm updating, 'cause Katie told me to. Or so I say.

This whole Fellowship things really sucks quite a bit, actually, as I'm still not entirely sure where I want it to go and it's due on Friday. Since I'm going home with Katie on Thursday to be with her when she gets her wisdom teeth out, I figure I'll have to at least get something passable in by Wednesday - oh shit, that's tomorrow! Well that's just beat-me-with-a-hose fantastic. Dammit. Picture me pouting.

I have to go set up the crap for the conference elder religious people to watch Cast Away, so off to do that.
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Monday, July 18th, 2005

Time:3:14 pm.
Time started: 3:14PM
Name: justin
Nickname: usually lover, booger, sex-bot, or fag
Single or Taken: taken
Sex: a new breed of human male

Birthday: november 20, 1983

Sign: that bday put me firmly in scorpio

Siblings: 1 sister, hedda nickel

Shoe size: 11.5

Height: 5'11"

What are you wearing right now?: gap flipflops that katie got me, an old navy shirt that katie got me, the ring that katie got me, gap boxers that i got me, and aeropostale shorts that i also got me. oh, and some studly glasses.

Where do you live: pennsyltucky

Righty or lefty: i have always wished i was ambidextrous, but just righty.

Relationships: katie t in the place to be

Who are your closest friends?: katie t, jake, evan, hedda

Fingers: 8 hairy ones and 2 hitchhiker thumbs

Breakfast: breakfast just makes you hungrier at lunchtime, plus is even more calories... not that i'm counting

Aftershave/Perfume: old spice everything - brand loyalty

Favorite cartoon character: brian, from family guy

Have you ever----

Given anyone a bath: me and katie t

Have you ever smoked: affirmative

Bungee Jumped: i like my spine too much

Parasailed: sadly, no

Made yourself throw-up: nope... it just comes naturally. though i'm sure i've made other people throw up.

Gone skinny dipping: not that i can recall

Been in the opposite sex's bathroom: yeah dude, i've showered in there

Eaten a dog biscuit: unlike you freakin' weirdos, no

Got your tongue stuck to a pole: nope

Loved someone so much it made you cry?: katie t

Played truth or dare: played it, trade it

Been in a physical fight: a lot when i was younger, not so much any more

Been in a police car: not that i can recall, and you'd think i'd remember something like that

Been in a sauna: nope

Been in a hot tub: yeah, but i don't see what all the fuss is about

Swam in the ocean: yeah, and things poop in it.

Fallen asleep in school: all the bloody time

Ran away?: i considered it a lot when i was little, but only made it so far as two houses down the street

Broken someone's heart: unintentionally

Cried when someone died: yes

Flashed someone: just katie

Cried in school: no

Fell off your chair: don't get me started...

Sat by the phone all night waiting for a call: yep

Saved MSN / AOL / AIM conversations: no longer

Saved e-mails: i'm not really an email kind of guy

Fallen for your best friend?: yessir

Been cheated on? yeah

First thing that comes to mind---

Red: shadow

Blue: submarine

Autumn: sophomore year, the bitch below us

Cow: harvest moon (right, katie?)

Greenland: vikings

Cat: grrr

Nickel: my sister

Elbow: redman throwin' bows

What is.. -----------?

Your good luck charm: the ring katie gave me

Whats your room like: probably the smelliest, messiest room in all of miseri

Last thing you said: hahahaha

What is beside you: a bigass window

What kind of shampoo do you use?: headnshoulders (kneesntoes)

Something that has happened to you this year: who'd have thought i'd be going to greece? not this kid.

Had Chicken pox: during my 1st or 2nd grade year, and i got to stay home and play superman all day

Had a Sore Throat: usually when it gets really dry

Believe in love at first sight?: sure, i do

Like picnics: last weekend's was nice, even though there were loads of evil insects =P

Like school: college has been great, despite it being 13th through 16th grade

Loved anyone: my katie t

Would you--

Eat a live hamster: wtf? richard gere in reverse

Kill someone you didn't know for 15 billion dollars: yeah pro'lly, to be honest

If you were stuck on an island, what people would you want with
you: katie, jake, hedda, evan, and president macdowell (i hate that guy!)

Who Was the last person................

you touched?: katie

You massaged: katie

You Kissed?: katie

You yelled at: katie

Who broke your heart: katie

Who told you they loved you: katie

Who is your loudest friend: adam, most definitely

Do you/Are You--

Do you like filling these out: not really, no

Do you wear contacts or glasses: glasses, beeyotch

Do you like yourself: yeah, no.

Do you get along with your family: some of them. mainly just hedda and like three others.

Do you do drugs: i've been sober for... i dunno how long. a while.

Have piercing below the waist?: nopeo.

Obsessive?: video games keep getting me.

Anorexic?: fuck that. i'm a tub.

Depressed?: clinically.

Suicidal?: used to be

Final questions--

How many ppl are you sending this to: insert goose egg

What are you listening to right now: clickity click

Can you do a front or back flip? i bet i can

What did you do yesterday: (katie) ---> WORKED, SAT IN THE LIBRARY, WATCHED A MOVIE

What is your favorite band: Foo

Hated someone in your family: ...

Got any awards: cause i got skillz.

Have you ever gone streaking? yup

Want to get married: yup

What is your favorite video game?: tenchu is pretty rockin' right now

If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change: make myself thinner and not need glasses

Good Singer: i've been told i am... who knows

Have a lava lamp: they always kind freaked me out for some reason

How many remote controls are in your house: like 190

Are you double jointed: in the butt

What do you dream about: often nightmares, or totally random and inane shit

Last time you showered: this morn

The last movie you saw at the theatres: CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY

Scary or happy movies: happy, i guess

Root beer or Dr. Pepper: dr pepper makes me high

Mud or Jell-O wrestling: mud?

Silver or Gold: GOLD

Diamond or pearl: DIAMOND

Sunset or Sunrise: SUNSET

Phone or in person: IN PERSON

Oldest, middle, youngest or only child: OLDEST

Do you want your friends to fill this out and send it back?: NO

End Time?: 3:47PM
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Thursday, July 14th, 2005

Time:3:35 pm.
Katie wanted me to update, so here 'tis.

What's on my mind?
Greece. I cannot wait until fall semester, as the Greek semester abroad should kick more ass than a woodchuck could chuck wood. Gyros, quality wine at-hand, good teachers, trips around the Mediterranean, classes not offered at Miseri, and Greece with Katie, to name a few of the definite upsides. Wild dogs apparently abound, and some places make you wipe your ass with your bare hand, but this cannot dampen my spirits about the devilish good time that will be had on the Cycladic island of Paros.

As per usual, Video Games. Tenchu: Fatal Shadows is exactly the ninja fix I didn't even know I was craving. But I have to struggle a little bit to not become totally obsessed again. I've also picked up Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, SpyFiction, Siren, Fable, and others I can't remember just now, all over this summer (in fact, all within the past month, I believe). It's a good thing I'm heading to Greece this fall, or I'd be all over Shadows of the Colossus like a fat kid loves cake.

This damn Fellowship Paper. While writing about RPGs may seem cool to you, kiddies, it is in fact very time-consuming and quite difficult, particularly for me to ejaculate all of the ideas in my brain. I'm mind-impotent or something. If I switch the font to Courier New, I gain 4 extra pages, which is nice.

Apparently, organization. I feel like these past two entries have been very organized, especially by my standards. I have no real explanation... only hypotheses.

Most importantly, Katie. She loves her Burnout 3, yes she do. We've seen a bunch of movies recently, and had a good time altogether. Kinsey wasn't so bad, but really, a little bit bland.

I think that's it for now.
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Monday, July 11th, 2005

Time:1:21 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
This weekend should be written down in the annals of the "Awesome Weekend Almanac," seriously. It was, at least for me, kind of a sudden updraft in my relationship with Katie that was much enjoyed.

Where to begin? We had no work either Saturday or Sunday, so we decided that Saturday would be my day to plan our activities, and Sunday hers. Now that it's set up, let me go ahead and detail:

The Weekend of Eternal Good Fortune (Except for Being Bitten)
We slept in later than usual (between 0930 and 1030, can you believe it?) and got all triple-essed (defecated, bathed, and trimmed [thanks Katie!]) to go out on the town. First, we went into Wilkes-Barre, where we grubbed on Panera and I was defeated by half a sandwich and a bowl of chicken noodle soup (c'est moi?). We swung by Blockbuster to rent American Psycho and this Cantonese movie called Cat & Mouse, about an emporer or something, I'm not really sure cause I fell asleep watching it; anyway, we then graced Pets'N'You with our beatific faces, and learned (because we can read!) that up at their sister store, Pet Palace, there dwelt a BASSET HOUND. For only 300 bucks! The irresistible cuteness (and silky smooth price) called on us to get our collective asses up to Dickson City (45 minutes, as the Cutlass Supreme flies). Sadly, and much to our chagrin, the Basset Hound was a furry, psychotic explosion that walked on four legs. Additionally, Katie thinks her face was too thin. I didn't have time to really notice that, because for most of our visit with the dog, I was too busy trying to defend myself from the voracious attacks of a hell-bent teething Basset Hound maniac. She just kept on biting - hand, thigh, calf, arm, pants, towel. Yikes. The dumb thing is, she's 21 weeks - should be past teething by now. Stupid pet stores. After leaving, we got all discombobulated and lost in an attempt to simply cross the road to get to the Viewmont mall and ended up in some little development that strangely resembled Hobbitton. We finally made it back to the mall, where we tooled around (and ran into my aunt Lisa, of all people, who was freaked out by my shaved head) for a couple of hours before setting the crosshairs on Nori Japan, Mecca to all Japanese cuisine aficionados. w00t!, I say. We went to Borders, where I picked up a Japanese flick called Kikujiro, which is supposedly quite on the excellent side of the river. We returned none the richer to Misericordia, where we watched American Psycho and had american sexo, both in the vice versa order and simultaneously (go ahead and be impressed by our numchuk skillz). Afterward, the original plan was to commandeer the giganto television our boss had rented for the conferences (which she ok'ed me to use for video games) and play Burnout 3: Takedown into the night. Sadly, our plot was foiled by those meddling kids, the Misericordia security and their blasted locks. Oh well, said we, and played Burnout 3 in my room anyway. Funfun. I think I was a ninja for a while, and then we went to Friendly's for a nightcap.

Yesterday was also quite sexy. We slept in again, until 1040 by Katie's clock, and again triple-essed ourselves. In fact, I shaved my face baby-ass smooth. Or as like a baby's ass as my face can get. We then picked up lunch at Subway and took it for a picanica at Frances Slocum, the state park that feels like it's a bazillion miles away from the hellhole that is NEPA. We ate, and committed ourselves to mortal combat with the local bug population. After our resounding victory, drove down to the lake and walked a little path that went off into the woods beside it, sometimes stopping to be "playful." Katie fell in love with an American Bulldog that was there, and decided that's the kind of dog she wants. I still favor the Great Pyrenees. From hence we proceeded mall-ward, Wyoming Valley, that is, and saw Dark Water, which was a smidgen suckass. More suckass than the movie, however, was Katie's being hit on by some random Heroin junkie as she was walking to get me from Electronics Boutique. At least, that's where she thought I was. I was really buying her a ring from Kay Jewelers, a white/yellow gold ring with diamonds that I had been eyeing for her for a while. I want it to be a symbol of the future. All diamonds, no ... uh... carbon? Anyway, we came back to Miseri and watched Pimp My Ride (while Katie slept). Hedda called, and we spoke for about 20 minutes, I pretended to be a ninja for a while, we made a Friendly's run (where the waitress divulged her entire life to us and turned Katie off of Friend-Zs forever) and then Katie and I returned and passed out happily around 0200 this morning.

So, Das Uber-Weekend has come to a close, but here's hoping that all future days are as tubular as these past ones have been.

And who knows, maybe I'll start typing in this beeyotch again.

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Monday, May 30th, 2005

Subject:It's been...
Time:9:51 am.
Mood: hungry.
Fourteen months with Katie T, and I do believe we have managed to keep the honeymoon effect going pretty well. <3 Katie.

We went up to Katie's dad's new house this weekend - muy grande, and he invited me out onto the deck after dinner for a cigar and bourbon with the boys. That was bizarre, lemme tell ya. Kind of cool, but strange.

Her stepmom got totally blasted and was falling all over the place trying to catch the bulldog. She was like a vomit time bomb. Oh, and then the toilet clogged when I flushed it (I only peed, I swear!) and we had to clean it up. Fun fun.

Another cool thing, my car hit 100000 miles on the return trip, so we had a honkfest for a while.

I picked up Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life for Katie, on a hunch that she would love it, and sho' nuff, she's completely addicted. I also got Tales of Symphonia, but haven't really played it all that much. I do like it though.

Plans for today, you ask? Well, let me just tell you. Katie's stepmom gave us a mini hibachi grill and a crapload of charcoal, so guess who's grillin up some burgers for Memorial Day? This kid, that's who. Be jealous.

A feast for kings, mmm mmm.
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Saturday, May 21st, 2005

Subject:And So I Give To You: An Update.
Time:1:28 pm.
Mood:ready to return to my katie.
The origins of my journal name I'm not sure if I've expounded upon to the public.

Here goes, dorky as the story may be (and kind of uneventful):
There is a Sci-Fi roleplaying game loosely based on William Gibson's "Neuromancer" called Shadowrun. My friend group used to have delusions of grandeur about running gaming sessions until our characters were advanced to an untold degree - sadly, these hopes were often dashed by utter laziness. One night, we decided to give it the gusto we knew we had, so Jesse, Evan, and I all gathered in Jesse's basement to prepare characters. For some reason I cannot recall, we decided that the street names of Jesse's Troll Combat Mage and my Elven Decker (I believe those are correct) should be "Tick" and "Tock," respectively. Comraderie manifest, I suppose. At any rate, that was right around the time I joined the filibustering community here at LJ, back when the servers had all the problems and you needed special codes to even sign up. Ah, the good old days. Starved for an idea unrelated to anime, which I had a hunch I would outgrow shortly, I struck Tock, and it stuck. Woobywoo.

Sometimes I think about the old times. Back when I was living with both grandparents and my sister, and the crazy nonsense I and my friends used to say and do. But I guess nostalgia is only good in small doses, and I try to avoid that kind of thing nowadays. With my grandfather having just followed my grandmother into death two weeks ago, it's hard to not remember how things used to be. But so much has changed - scattered, much like my brain. It's just depressing sometimes.

I head back to the school tomorrow morning, though, ready to begin three summer classes and 3 school-based jobs. Finally, Justin will be gettin' paid! Plus, my Katie will be there, and to be honest, that's what I miss the most. Only ten days apart and it feels like... longer and shorter.

Additionally, perhaps over-optimistically, I hope to actually develop a firm idea in my mind about the state of affairs in my potential project. I have a loose loose very rough brainstorm in effect right now, tentatively a fantasy novel in a declining-magic world. Suikoden III, WoT, and SoIaF seem to be what I've been playing off of, and perhaps a little bit of the old Legend of Kyrandia series (now that was a computer game).

Well, Heather wants her computer back now, so I must be going. Hopefully I will keep up the updating over the summer, though I realize my track record with that is somewhat lacking. Adieu.
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Sunday, February 6th, 2005

Time:9:31 am.
Oh no, back again, I tell you I am just your friend.

So Friday was a day of much excitement. Katie and I woke up and got all specialed up for a big day on the town of Wilkes-Barre. Ian came too. The first step was finding the damn restaraunt we had been so excited for, and then figuring out how to navigate the park'n'lock (which is not what they're called, they should be called parking GARAGES).

The KATANA itself rocked my sox, and was everything I'd been missing with the college gruel. I'd elaborate, but my stomach hurts and the thought of food puts a finger in my throat.

Then we went to a little video game store next door, and whoa. Nintendos, Supers, Genesisesises... they had it all. For cheap! CDs for 3 bucks, etc.

We left, and chilled here for a while, then went to see Taming of the Shrew put on by I guess the Uni of Scranton. More hilarity ensued. Later.
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Wednesday, January 26th, 2005

Time:10:13 pm.
I want to try writing again.

So Sunday was entertaining. I'm not terribly sure what I did before I started drinking (I can only assume I finish some homework), but I do know that I have dramatically lost my tolerance (garnered last year by weeks of bidaily alcohol abuse). I think I consumed three SoCokes and two Sunny 151s. Jake smoked himself retarded for the evening with Kathleen and the three of us plus Katie watched Pink Floyd's The Wall. I have no idea what it is about, at all, but there were marching hammers and some dude in a hotel room. Jake laughed for no apparent reason, a lot, as potheads are wont to do, and all was hilarious. Between us, we consumed two medium pizzas from Domino's. I later passed out.

Monday was relatively humdrum, and I'm not sure what I did that day any more. This, we will find, is a recurring theme.

Tuesday during philosophy I had an interesting idea for a video game, although to be honest, it isn't particularly the most blazingly original, I'm sure. I want to call it "Pantheon," or something like that, and have it be some kind of deity combat game. I was thinking about how Monotheism came after Polytheism, and how this is the case in the Civilization series, but then I felt bitter that Civ does not let you choose the members of your polytheistic pantheon. There are certainly enough different multi-god systems as to warrant, say, unlockable bonus features and such... at any rate, this idea intrigues me at least, and I think I would like to develop this concept further.

Which brings us to today. I slept late, roused myself out of bed, and went to eat equiv with Katie and Jake. Jake decided to skip his 1:30, and I decided to skip my 2:30. This idea was quickly shot down by Katie, however, so I ended up going to my Statistics class, which is like a fish riding a bicycle to a lesbian (pointless). After Stats, though, comes Contemporary American Lit. Interesting notions with the book we just finished, Time's Arrow, my favorite being "reversal destroys causality." Taken out of context, I'm sure this three-word phrase seems a sad attempt at being witty, but ... I have no comeback for that, so suffice it.

After classes and shiz, the school replaced dinner this evening with "Mardi Gras Night," or as I like to call it, "Name That Has No Basis In Reality Night," because there is nothing "Mardi Gras" about standing around inside eating food (only appetizers, no less) only moderately more tasty than the regular school meals. The notion is not without merit - the vendors had some pretty interesting new products not yet released, like carbonated flavored skim milk and miniature European pancakes.

We then putzed around for a few hours. I dunno... time has lost all meaning since resuming college.

At around 7:30 Ian joined Katie and me and chilled with us while we worked. We watched American Idol (Ian's favorite guilty pleasure) and then went to the den with Kathleen, where we watched muthafuckin' Simple Life 3 and reminisced about the good old drunken days of 203 Alumnae Hall. Ian complained about that football player being sentenced to 4 months of jail time (because really, Ian is perpetually complaining about something beyond his control).

Oh! Additionally, Dr. Becky has incited us to revolution against the system here at CM, and subsequently suggested to our 18th Century Lit class that we begin with the composing of broadside ballads, which is a notion I find piques my curiousity.

Katie bought the Official Iron Chef Book, which is the sweetest, most luscious thing ever to exist.

On the family note, my grandfather's heart is apparently much improved from his last visit, and so he is to receive some sort of heart monitor this Wednesday. I called home today, and apparently surprised and made happy (to hear from me, of course) both G-pa and Hedda, who will be making her television debut on WPSX tomorrow night at 9pm and again on Saturday at 6pm.

Now all that remains is for me to finish my Technical Writing Homework, do my reading for Restoring 18th Century Lit, call the debt collectors that T-Mobile tossed me to, and finish my incomplete Fight Club analysis paper, then I am scot-free until Sunday, bloody Sunday. Most likely, that means more drinking. w00t! Perhaps I will take Katie to see that new scary movie with De Niro in it. I also want to find a hookah lounge in the surrounding area. If there isn't one, it would be mighty fine mighty fine indeed to open one of my very own.

Well, I guess I'd best get to that there list up thurr, or I'll be one tired puppy tomorrow morning. Au revoir.
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Thursday, October 28th, 2004

Time:12:55 am.
I am an entirely self-centered bastard.

I don't feel like explaining, not really, but I'm almost certain most of you will agree.

I ripped off EB today (more or less). The details are secret, but I ended up with Samurai Warriors and DDR: Extreme for basically free. Word.

I work at WaldenBooks. The store isn't bad, but they run the Day By Day Calendar Kiosks, too, and more often than not, I have to go to a mall that is approximately a 45 minute drive from the dorm. So that sucks.

I don't know what else to bother you with, so I'll go with nothing.

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Sunday, September 26th, 2004

Time:11:11 pm.
I need to develop a better work ethic. I have a bunch of shit to do but I have been playing Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires all day. And I think I need to get around to not lazing around all day for another reason: it seems that when I do nothing all day, I become really really irritable. [edited for content] But eh.
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Monday, August 30th, 2004

Time:1:27 pm.
So I'm back for the second time, again. Yeah.

Everything picked up pretty much where it left off, which resulted in my waking up feeling downright vomitocious. I do remember passing out bits of bread as though I was performing Holy Communion. Hoo boy.

No class till 6pm tonight.

How did I get so ... dull?
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Wednesday, June 16th, 2004

Subject:random quizlets
Time:5:49 pm.
How to make a tock

3 parts intelligence

5 parts self-sufficiency

5 parts empathy
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of lovability


Personality cocktail
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PASSIONATE LOVER. You love to love, always looking
for a relationship. You cannot live without it.
Your lover must be passionate and you want
that you and your partner melt into each other.
He/She should not try to take the domination .
You dont want a relationship without passion,
and the sexuality plays a big part. The first
moment you meet him/her is one of the most
important. There has to be something between
you , you cannot explain. From the first moment
on everything must fix. But when this passion
disappears you disappear to. For you it is
better to leave than to see your love

PLEASE VOTE, I want to know what you think about my
quiz, I worked hard on it.You can always
message me or tell me how I can improve that
quiz. Ill sure write back.

~THE big LOVE TEST!! What do you need? With PICS! For girls and boys!~
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Subject:Grazie de Nic & Jane
Time:5:17 pm.
Spell your first name backwards: nitsuJ
The story behind your user name: for some reason jesse and i thought it would be cool to have two complementary shadowrun characters named tick and tock, one a troll combat mage with a vigorous assault cannon and the other a 1337 elven decker with a souped-up excalibur... guess which one i was =)
Where do you live?: dallas most of the time, sometimes centre hall, but for the summer, moorestown

Describe your:
Wallet: just a plain old brown slice o' cow... somehow swollen without dollar bills [y'all]
Jewelry worn daily: sometimes i wear this stolen watch of which i have come into possession, but it usually gets in the way
Shoes: gap [GASP!] flipflops
Handbag: my multitude of cargo pockets suffices for this
Favorite top: my miles davis hot topic shirt. w00t
Perfume/Cologne: does b.o. count?
Piercing: i will not make the easy joke, i will not make the easy joke...
Wearing now: aforementioned miles davis shirt and some OoOOld shorts
Makeup: there's something to look into...
On my mind: katie, my aching body, work tomorrow, and the incredibly good smell coming from downstairs
Wishing: i had warm food, cold drink, fair skies, and katie right now
Talking to: no one yet, though david just asked where i was downstairs
Eating: sigh
Fave movie: the princess bride
The last thing you ate?: it's been so long since i've eaten, i'm not sure i remember... chinese food, i think... or birthday cake
Something that you are deathly afraid of?: being bound
Do you believe in forgiveness: moreso in forgetfulness
What are some of your favorite pig out foods?: potato chips, popsicles
What's something you wish you could understand better?: artificial intelligence, black comedy, communism, demonology, etc.
Anyone you miss that you haven't seen in a long time?: not too much... now that i'm living with her
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Thursday, June 10th, 2004

Time:8:24 pm.
So today we had french fries to supplement our dinner. My grandfather got a french fryer thing, that you put oil in the pan and then there's like a second thing with holes that fits inside where you put the fries. He forgot it was there, and the whole house filled with smoke, but I was the only one who noticed apparently, so I went to investigate. I got there and saw the smoke pouring out of the pan. "Oh shit," I thought. I quickly flipped the burner off and grabbed two hotpads to remove the pan from the heat. Apparently the jostling was enough to cause the oil to IGNITE IN MY HANDS and I nearly shat myself. Not knowing what to do, I ran to the back door, set the pan on the floor, opened said door, and chucked the entire pan outside [stupid, I know, but it had just rained profusely]. The pan quickly became a flying flaming ball of death, and when it hit the ground, what can only be described as inferno struck. I promise you, it must have matched the top of the house in height [considering it's a 3-story house... yoiks], and it completely vaporized the thermometer inside, the SOAKING WET GREEN GRASS outside [in about a foot-diameter circle], singed the stairs, burned some of my chest hair, and melted the fry pan to a great heaping mass of molten silver [or whatever they make that stuff out of]. Fortunately, after it turned sideways and released its great billowing blast of fire, the pan flipped over and suffocated the blaze. Now there is a nice black charred wound in the tile where I place it for 5 seconds, and my fingers they do a-burn.

So, after this near-death experience, what will I do?

Go watch the MTV Movie Awards.

Le sigh.
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